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How to Use Crowdfunding to Pay for Costly Cancer Treatment Bills

When you or someone in your family receives the devastating news of a cancer diagnosis, it is a painfully heavy burden on the patient as well as his/her family and friends. Such news is not only emotionally taxing, but also financially draining. When it is a question of life or death, which depends on expensive treatments, you will do anything to raise the funds you need for your loved one. At times of dire need for funds to cure the suffering of a cancer patient, crowdfunding has come as a ray of hope to many. An online crowdfunding India platform such as Impact Guru, is a great source of seed money that uses technology and innovation to mobilize people who are compassionate to help. A fundraising platform is an easy and fast way to help cancer patients who require financial assistance.

Cancer is a scary disease that can overturn your physical, emotional, and financial life. For most families who have a cancer sufferer, or even a survivor, most part of their life gets reduced to hospital visits, doctors bills, and expensive medicines. Additionally, procedures such as radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery are extremely costly, adding more strain to your troubles.

In India, 8.8 lakh cancer related deaths are expected by 2020. The most prominent cancers topping the list are breast, lung, and cervix.

The problem may be compounded to several factors, that you we can help you combat through our crowdfunding activities:

  • Only a minority of the population is covered by health insurance, and even those who are covered, are severely underinsured to fight a disease as fatal as cancer.
  • There are many survivors out there who have been through the same and more. Therefore they have the compassion to help others who are still suffering.
  • Crowdfunding India is a great way to lift the financial burden off your family.
  • With cancer, even if you are cured, follow ups, periodical tests, and medicines are often an ongoing, and with that, so are the expenses for it.

World over as well as for India crowdfunding serves as an alternative funding systems such rescued many families from crippling medical expenses. There are several online portals for crowdfunding, such as Impact Guru, that enables you to use the power to technology to ask people to donate for your treatment costs. All you have to do is create a compelling campaign story, accompanied with audio-visuals, that can be directly aimed at potentials donors, such as cancer survivor networks, and others involved in philanthropy. Once your campaign is put out to the people, anyone who connects with your cause, will donate and help you fight the disease.

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