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Reasons Why Akoya Pearls are termed as The Superior Classic Pearl Variety

Even though there are hundreds of pearl varieties worldwide, Akoya pearls are stated to be one of the finest and superior quality gems. The pearls were contribution of great pearl maker the founder of cultured pearl, Kokichi Mikimoto.

More about Akoya pearls

It is saltwater cultured pearls, cultured in the calm waters on the shores of Japan. It is one of the oldest kinds of pearl grown in the pearl farm. They are expensive pearls as they are well rounded, have lustre like a mirror and are available in beautiful colours quite useful to make gorgeous ornaments. The pearls are formed in size of 2 to 10mm and are best to be embedded in exclusive well-designed ornaments.

The radiant shining pearl has lured pearl lovers to own and wear it as an adorable ornament. The reason behind Akoya pearl’s perfect roundness is due to the formation of the bead from the nucleus of the oyster. Moreover, it has the required lustre and smooth surface valued highly to make best ornaments.

In the market you will find a smaller number of Akoya pearls compared to other kinds of pearls. The main cause for its less production is because the cultivators of this super quality pearls don’t sell all the pearls cultured from oysters. They give much more importance to quality thus the market has only flawless highly gleaming Akoya pearls.

Why Akoya pearls are popular?

  • Colour tone

No other pearls can match the exact colour tone of natural pearls compared to Akoya pearls. The pearls are in cream, light pink and in pure white shades. Some rare Akoya pearls are in dark bluish shade of colour that is highly valuable. Moreover, they match any skin colour of its wearer.

  • Lustre

One of the prime reasons is that the pearls of any size are able to reflect light with any flaw. The surface of the pearls is perfect round shape and quite smooth to gleam naturally.

  • Flexibility

Unlike other kind of quality pearls Akoya can be embedded in any kind of ornaments and looks best with other precious gems as well. That is the prominent reason why it is preferred by jewellers to portray their great craftsmanship of making executive delicate ornaments.

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