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11 Tips When Planning An Outdoor Event

Planning an outdoor event introduces new elements that may not be present when you plan for an indoor event. Also, existing elements like the weather play a bigger role when the event is taken outdoors. As you plan your next outdoor event with Tysons Corner catering, you should take note of the 11 tips below.

  1. Check the weather

The weather can be your best friend or your worst enemy when planning an outdoor event. Unless you’re entirely sure that the event can go without any issues on the day that you’re planning it on with the weather forecasted, don’t go through with it.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the venue

Knowing what the venue looks and feels like can help you make decisions on other things such as the theme and serving of the food.

  1. Book the venue earlier

Even if you know that the venue might not be booked a few days from now, you should go ahead if it’s possible for you to do so. The earlier you book, the less hassle it’ll be for you as a host.

  1. Factor the number of guests

Look at the amount of space that you have and try to picture it with the number of guests that you have invited. They should have plenty of space to move around and socialize.

  1. Get necessary permits

There may be zoning restrictions in the area that you’re hosting your outdoor event in. Make sure you get the permits necessary to avoid being in trouble with the authorities during or after your event.

  1. Have a back-up plan

If it’s necessary for you to host the outdoor event in a specific area or at a specific day, you should have a back-up plan involving an indoor venue somewhere close by. Don’t outright cancel if there’s a chance to save the event.

  1. Equipment safe to be used outdoors

Not all equipment can work efficiently or even safely when they’re outdoors. Make it clear that you are going to use the equipment outdoors before renting or buying them.

  1. Secure an electrical power source

There should be enough power for your event to go smoothly. Keep in mind the equipment you’ll have to use on the stage, for the lighting, and even the dining area. Work with your Tysons Corner catering.

  1. A great view can complement your event

If you had to choose between two venues, go with the one that has a great view and isn’t a logistical nightmare. This gives your outdoor event more depth.

  1. Plumbing in an outdoor setting

Some people might not be comfortable in attending to their business in a portable restroom. You can provide them with a service that can take them to a nearby facility such as a hotel.

  1. Outdoor menu is very different

When customizing your menu, you have to think about what is great to eat while outdoors. Due to the setting, people will be walking around quite a bit which means they will either have to leave their food or bring it with them if they can.

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